Commissions are charged only if and when you receive an online booking through a third-party distribution channel. The only fee payable for all online bookings is the booking fee.

Distribution channels set the commission fee and you then decide whether or not you want to opt into it and at what price. You maintain the power to determine exactly how much commission you pay and to dictate the price point for your product.

Please note that Rezobx users typically achieve around half their bookings through their own website, meaning you are paying super low fees on the majority of bookings.

The Rezobx booking fee only applies when a booking is made, that fee covers:

  1. Training support and implementation
  2. Upgrades and maintenance
  3. Database storage and server hosting
  4. E-commerce enablement of your website (valued at over AUD2000)
  5. Automated access to multiple online distribution channels
  6. Customer service and business support services